Saturday, February 19, 2005

A Night In With Sweet & Sour Chicken

Since getting well I'm a little flu shy. So, tonight we stay in. No need to be dull though! We'll order a flick from Cox's On Demand, take-out a little Chinese food and hunker down with a couple of cocktails.

If I were however, in the mind to have my honey take me out, we'd go see Carl LeBlanc at Dos Jefe's. These two make for a very nice mix.

Dos Jefes is located on Tchoupitoulas Street in Uptown. It is a nice mix of homey neighborhood bar with some frou-frou upscale style mixed in. Dos Jefes always has interesting music, good food and a wide variety of beer and spirits. Their main theme is cigars and they have an excellent filtration system. The humidor is small but is nicely stocked. The co-owner Richie who is easily recognizable by his dapper moustache will happily suggest a cigar to suit your taste.

Music starts late and that makes it a lively place to be way on into the wee hours. A tall fence outside surrounds the courtyard which is so nice to be in this weather. There are some small tables right in front of where the band plays. In the back room you'll find a nice pool table, soft couches and, a bar that sits up high with a great view of the stage area. The staff is not only easy to look at but, they are also very polite and attentive to service. They'll take your order from anywhere in the bar and tend to you for the rest of the night. Please don't forget to tip (well) the server or bartender that helps you as well as the band. It makes you look good and helps them make groceries. You will be remembered and justly rewarded for your efforts. Try it and see!


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