Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Means Brunch

Brunch is my favorite kind of meal, especially on a Sunday like this. Our good streak of weather is holding tight. If you are in the French Quarter or its outskirts, you have serveral dining options within walking distance of wherever you are. There are a wide variety of fancy to funky restaurants within the FQ that offer a brunch menu. I myself want something in between. The food and its service is absolutely number one, the price second, followed by atmosphere.

If you are in town with say, your mamma and granny, take them either to Brennen's or Court of Two Sisters. Trust me, this is their idea of brunch. It is what they have read of and heard of from their pals who have been here before them. It is the Bananas Foster, Eggs Benedict, as seen on t.v. style that they will expect from you.

On the other hand, there are other less stuffy and slightly more ecclectic choices, such as La Peniche or Cafe Latrobe which are both also within the FQ. Get up and out before 11 a.m. , check your guide book and seek good eats. Relax, no one at home needs to know you're having mimosas before coffee.

Breakfast is also widely available in other areas of town such as Uptown along Magazine Street, or in the Carrollton Riverbend area where you can have a one of a kind dining experience at the world famous Camelia Grill. Be forewarned, though, on weekends the line goes out the door. Be patient because it moves quick and a full belly will be your reward. The prices are good and the service is very unique. Say "Hi" to Marvin and as always, please don't scrimp on the tip.

For more suggestions here 's a quick list:
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