Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ducking The Ides

Well, it looks as if we've done better than Ceasar and made it through the lamb phase of March. Now if only today's cold and grey conditions would just move on and, allow us some sunshine before the weekend's onset.

A day like this is almost good for nothing more than stayng inside and drinking hot liquids. Whether it be coffee, tea or toddies. If however, getting out is a must and, work's not the reason; shopping for used books or music is always a good diversion from the drearyness. Later, huddling with your new treasures in a favorite coffee shop or bar before making the slick journey home.

Owning and knowing how to use a crock-pot can really come in handy at times like this. There's nothing like coming back to something warm and all ready to eat on such a cold and damp Wednesday.


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