Sunday, March 20, 2005

I Caught The Sun Peeking

To have started out so wet and stormy, the day seems to have turned out pleasant enough. We shared a fine lunch on the veranda of my honey's mamma's house consisting of frozen pizza and coleslaw made from the St. Pats parade cabbage that we caught last weekend. Proving that the quality of a good meal coincides with the quality of the company gathered around the table.

Watching the kiddos running around in the full sun made us all agree that a growth spurt is on and that I'm sure to have my hands full this summer. Their brains are like little sponges right now and they want to know how everything works. I just might get my money's worth this year out of our family membership to the Zoo and Aquarium in order to keep them from turning couch potato on me.

You really have to get creative as a parent with kids home during summertime in New Orleans. It gets unbearably hot during the main part of the day and the yourger your kids the trickier planning activities can be. I think the key is just getting out early in the day and knowing where a snowball stand is within any ten mile radius. That and a good supply of cold wet wipes!


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