Saturday, March 26, 2005

Strawberries & Bunny Time!

What can be better than starting the day with a bunch of fresh Louisiana strawberries sliced over cereal? (We caught a really good deal on them yesterday at the big evil box store that everyone likes to pretend they don't shop at.) This year's crop looks good, not too big but meaty, dark and sweet. If parking is decent, I want to stop by the french Market today and pick up a flat of them. I'll freeze some to use later for strawberry shortcake and enough to make a strawberry pie. A good way to welcome the kool-aid and sandal days that are soon to arrive.

This is Easter weekend and, while we are more heathen than church going, we are from here, after all. Any excuse for dressing up the little ones all clean and crisp then feasting on tasty delights with our family is always more than welcome. My honey and I have become delegated as the special meal cooks over the past few years. Not only do we enjoy the chance to make a deciadent spread together it is also a great way to pay back our mammas who both shouldered the duty for so many years. I only hope we do at least a fraction of justice to their past efforts. I'll be doing the sides and he the ham. My mamma and his are both in charge of dessert. Mine will do cuppa-cuppa and his will make flan. If I have time I'll post our menu with recipes tommorow.

The CCC was run today so we'll hang a home for a bit longer until traffic from the race dies down some. If I time it right, the little ones will nod off while we run our errands. That way they'll be nicely rested for their nana who will be in charge this evening while we're out. We haven't had a date together in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to some good old fashioned adult time. A little sushi then some jazz and drinks should make for a very fine night.


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