Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday's Libation

Since I will spend most of the weekend immersed in the man's history, today's after-sundown cocktail will be non other than a "Rum N' Coke". This is, of course, in honor of the song performed by Professor Longhair on his album Rock n' Roll Gumbo, which was originally released in 1974. Soda and liquor may not my regular drink of choice but this little combo is nice for sipping on a cozy night in.

As Blue so graciously pointed out today, Have A Happy Friday And A Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ink And Be Seen

Here's something I found while visiting the blog, Humid City:

Flesh Art
Body Art Show
Friday May, 20 @ One Eyed Jack's

They're still looking for models, I think. So, if you've got some skin illustrations to display this looks like the place!


Well, ya'll, it's the last weekend of Jazz Fest. It's all going on today, as a matter of fact, and will run through Sunday. We'll be avoiding all the mess by holing up this weekend and working on giving its yearly update. With that and two little ones who woke up with runny noses this morning we should have our hands full.

I think the weather is going to be just too nice to totally stay inside. A good day to romp around Daneel Park with the kids and the chance for getting some good shots of a tree that I'm always fascinated by. It is a great park for families with a relaxed vibe and and inclusive atmosphere.

If I'm really lucky the kiddos will pass out for awhile after playing and give me a chance to get some more street names for my "Nola Streets" photographic series. I scouted a few out a few good ones when we were in the Bywater area the other day. It will also give me a good excuse to finally stop by The Joint, a new BBQ spot in that area. I've heard some good things about the place and want to try them out before the weather turns too hot for me to want such heavy fare.

If you're going to the Fest, have a great time and don't get sunburned! A great weekend to all no matter what your plans...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Snoball Time

Too bright and tempting to pass up!

The Sign Says It All!

Is that just cute or what?

The Menu

It's ALL Good!

The Lovely Miss T

Look at all those bottles of sweet flavor!

Sweet Results

Pink Lemonade Heaven

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cure For What Ails

This schizophrenic weather and other such nonsense has held me down a bit today. It was too damp outside to spray sealant and everything else I'm working on at the moment is still drying, so that wasn't much of a source of motivation to get up and get going. I certainly wasn't feeling the glamorous urge to clean up either. Finally, after viewing one too many heart breaking tragedies on the news I decided it was time for a break of sorts.

As a remedy the littlest boo and I played around for most of the day with not much concern for the outside world. Afterwards, a noontime nap did us both a world of good. It's a trick I learned from my first; when they sleep and you're tired, so do you. Sometimes, a little rest is all it takes to get back on track. We woke in a much lighter mood and after stuffing ourselves on Chinese take-out for dinner we are all now well on our way to an early bedtime.

Here's to a much better tommorow, for all.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Cup Of Ambition

Monday's mess surrounds me in the form of last night's dishes, this week's laundry and the usual morning clutter . It's not even noon yet but, the coffee cup and I are already on our third round of Community Dark Roast. Outside, the weather has taken a chilly turn and I think it is contributing to my current slow motion setting.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

From The Mr. To The Mrs.

My guy and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary last night. We had a lovely meal at Clancy's where he surprised me with a new set of jewelry from Mignon Faget. This beautiful silver fluer de lis pendant with earrings to match. We ended the night at Dos Jefes where we saw Tony Green and His Gypsy Jazz Trio, had coctails and smoked some really good cigars. A very fine way to celebrate something we never forget how lucky we are to have - each other.

Friday, April 22, 2005

A Better Word

I just listened to YatPundit's podcast about food to eat at Jazz Fest. A very excellent list he has and quite an in depth review with insight to the fare at the fest. I recommend it to anyone headed this way to Jazz Fest or if you just need an excuse to end up voraciously hungry. His hint about the Brocato cannoli is a really good one and he's right on about the Crawfish Monica.

YatPundit Podcast: Top Ten thursday - Jazz Fest Food

Jazz (?) Fest

I am of two distinct and seperate opinions about Jazz Fest:

1. Revenue for the city means groceries for the rest of us.

2. Hot, rainy, crowded and overpriced. Not really my idea of fun.

Enough said. for New Orleans - Local

Thursday, April 21, 2005

An Orange View

Today's work included the need to go outside and beat the holy fire out of some metal sheeting. The youngest and I had a total blast in our reign of desruction while listening to the live broadcast stream. We scraped and pounded with the sun warming our winter-skin while some good ol' New Orleans funk provided the soundtrack to our labors. Not a bad way to coax Friday a little closer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pictures Of New Orleans' Past: At

Today, I am working on some concept sketches for a project that I'm about to start. At the moment I am flipping through several different sources of visual inspiration. One of which is, The Images Of The Month photographic collection at, The New Orleans Public Library website.

Here's a link:
Images of the Month Archive

Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday's Monkey

Lordy, I can't believe it's this late at night already! Minus one twenty-minute nap, I've been moving since before dawn. Between bringing order to the nest (yeah right) and getting work done there just never seem to be enough hours in the day.

To my credit, I was able to accomplish quite a bit. I added new photographs to my store and finished the graphics portion of a new art series that I've been working on for the past month. I also managed to handle up some tech and biz stuff before flying the coop with the rest of the brood for awhile. By the time I made it to CC's to get a latte fix, my brain was mushy and my eyes were crossed. We made it back here in time for me (using fast food as a total cop-out and bribe) to settle the gang down and finish up my current tasks in progress.

I love the feeling that I get from seeing something that was once an image in my head become a reality. Whether it's writing, web development or my own artwork, the final feeling of "stand back and look at that" type of satisfaction is the same. A tiny sense of well-being that motivates me toward the next project and armors me against to next wave of inevitable hurdles and frustrations.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's Not Always About The Eggs Benedict

We had a very yummy Sunday meal at my mother-in-law's today. A half peperoni, half fresh spinach, tomato and feta pizza-pie from Magazine Street's New York Pizza. Cold Abita Amber beer helped make it all a tasty salute to the end of a nice weekend.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Enough For Shoes And Luggage Too

Blue, I think they found him! for New Orleans - Local

Slow Fizz Friday

My motivation tank is near empty today and I feel lazier than an off season hunting dog. My to-do list is big. Unfortunately my get-up-and-go is wee-tiny. It is the end of the week, though, so I can't complain too much; especially with the outdoor conditions being as nice as they currently are. It's not even noon and I'm already looking forward to an after-school round of Ms. Tee Eva's snowballs. Yum!

This evening should be nice - my honey and I want to catch Ballzack and Testeverde at One Eyed Jack's tonight. I'm looking forward to a good show and seeing some folks that we've missed from around the way. I haven't chosen where to eat yet but, I suspect we'll give into our sushi craving and head to Wasabi which has become a real gem to us recently.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Flaws And All

I spent most of the day working from the couch still recovering from the last remaining bits of the croup. By the time school was out I was feeling dizzy from eyestrain and oxygen deprevation, so I made the executive decision to get us all out for a ride.

We stopped by CC's for snacks for the kiddos and a couple of caffiene rechargers for Ma and Pa. We then drove up Magazine toward the French Quarter while chatting about the kind of things that six year olds chat about after a full day of school. By the time we reached the Marigny, talk from the backseat had turned into soft snores.

Say what I may about the state of things, I would still not wish to live away from here. At least not farther than I already have to. We live less than a mile out of Orleans Parish just to send our kids to a decent school that doesn't cost us six thousand dollars or more a year. It shouldn't have to be that way. If other places that aren't nearly as cool as NOLA can do it, I don't see why a decent public education can't happen here.

Black Eye Wednesday

To put it mildly, New Orleans is not having the best week PR-wise. First, you have a waiter at a well known and, raved about restaurant paying other waiters to swipe customers credit card numbers for fraudulent reason with criminal intent. This kind of breach of trust could have some serious repercussions. Not only to the restaurant in question but to all establishments that will certainly feel the effects of such diseased morals. All I, or anyone else who cares about our economy, can do is reassure visitors that this is not a widespread situation. At least I hope it isn't.

Next, we have our second superintendent in two years resigning today. That adds yet another layer of mess that is our school system. More money wasted and more kids uneducated. Shame, Shame, Shame.

Monday, April 11, 2005

He Went On Down To New Orleans

Bill Ives has a very good blog called, Portals and KM. He writes about the use of portals, blogs and knowledge management for business organizations during the week and focuses on food and music on the weekends. His kind references to my writing and this blog have been greatly encouraging to me.

Today, I read about his recent trip to New Orleans and I want to share his view of what he experienced here. He covered a lot of ground during his visit and his take on our city is straightforward and very accurate. I winced when I read that he went to Snug Harbor; knowing full well how disapointing that must have been to someone who knew it before the change. Thankfully, his time on the rest of Frenchmen Street made up for the canned tourist-focused letdown that has turned many off of what once was a music institution.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

It's Festival Time!

This is one of the best times of year for our area. With good weather and festivals galore there is no reason to stay inside. If you are within driving distance of Pontchatoula, go to the Louisiana Strawberry Festival. The fried strawberries alone are worth the trip!

If however, you are not berry bound then make sure to check out the French Quarter Festival. Parking problems aside, it is a fantastic event. Tons of great food, drinks and local music right out on the streets. We'll be heading down there ourselves with the kiddos around lunchtime.

A few tips from experience:

Parking can be a huge hassle. Watch for where you park so that your car isn't towed or ticketed before you return. Or, like us park in a lot and, waste ten bucks just to not drive around for an hour looking for a space.

Take a look at the layout and figure out where you want to go first, especially if you have kids in tow. Know where you want to go and what you want to see ahead of time. It can get very crowded and kids as we all who have them know, are very impatient beings. Dress for warm weather and don't forget the sunscreen.

The French Quarter Festival is free and supports itself via vendors of fine food and craft. So, please don't take any coolers or ice-chests, but do take a bottle of water and snacks for the kids. The lines can be a lot longer than little legs can stand.

Relax, have fun, and enjoy one of the best local events in New Orleans!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Feeling Friday

I'm not sure how the week came to it's end so fast. It's as if Monday was four days long or something and then, blam!

Hello, weekend... please be gentle.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Two By Two

Yesterday's pretty canopy has now pulled back to reveal a slick gray sky announcing itself with clanging thunder. The sun seems to have hidden behind the occasional lightning flash leaving our early morning to look more like dusk. A day that can only be redeemed by nourishing the Spring plantings and washing away some of the crustier corners of Bourbon Street.

You can watch the wetdown here on the BourboCam

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Desire In The Streets

Oringinal Images by Harmony St. CharlesToday I added to my "New Orleans Street Series" photographic collection. Posters and Prints are available now at CafePress.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Smells Like Crest-O-Mint

We had a nice indulgent weekend filled with barbeque shrimp, grilled oysters, cigars and eclectic jazz. Friday night my honey and I met up with some of his cigar brethern at an awesome herf dinner held in Metairie. There was a ton of delicous food including fresh shucked oysters, grilled and fried along with, fried pickles, boiled and barbeque shrimp. There was Abita Rootbeer and some serious desserts. A three inch tall cheesecake, pecan pie with chocolate chips, and a chocolate torte of slap mamma status. Lots of laughs were had and tall tales made the rounds and before we knew it early eavening had turned to almost midnight.

Taking advantage of our loving Nana providing all-night childcare, my guy and I headed Uptown to Dos Jefes for a few drinks. There we had the pleasure of catching, Vic Shepherd's Harmonica Jazz Combo. The crowd was laid back and in good cheer with a good amount of snuggling going on between couples. It is quite a romantic place, afterall. My honey and I had a lovely time reintroducing ourselves after a very long week.

Then, on Saturday while my honey and eldest went out to a crawfish boil at the NOLA Fishing Camps , the youngest and I spent our day lounging around the house eating leftovers and taking naps. Nothing at all of any sort was accomplished and it was great day. Now that we have bad the chance to relax and take a breath it is time to get a leg up on the coming week. In part that means getting out my trusty multi use Crest-O-Mint and banishing out the dirt demons.

Since first discovering the stuff tucked away on a store shelf with no sense of product promo and a super low price tag, I have been a fan. The very retro label was what caught my attention to the nozzle free glass bottle with the green mint leaf on the label. The bottle states the product's uses directly on front - MINT OIL: Cleaner, Deodorant, Degreaser. All that in 16 oz. for a buck fifty. Then, I notice it was a Louisiana product, right out of Shreveport from, Ocean Coffee Inc. Looka there, local product! So, I try and am totally impressed. Following the label directions, I use it for surface cleaning, mopping the wood floors and, getting really scary odors out of laundry. The stuff rocks and it's cheap. It leaves everything smelling fresh and removes stains better than anything I've ever used.

The company has no website and barely any ad press so it's hard to find much about them. I have found a few word of mouth mentions via google but not much more than that. I wonder how long they've been around?