Sunday, April 03, 2005

Smells Like Crest-O-Mint

We had a nice indulgent weekend filled with barbeque shrimp, grilled oysters, cigars and eclectic jazz. Friday night my honey and I met up with some of his cigar brethern at an awesome herf dinner held in Metairie. There was a ton of delicous food including fresh shucked oysters, grilled and fried along with, fried pickles, boiled and barbeque shrimp. There was Abita Rootbeer and some serious desserts. A three inch tall cheesecake, pecan pie with chocolate chips, and a chocolate torte of slap mamma status. Lots of laughs were had and tall tales made the rounds and before we knew it early eavening had turned to almost midnight.

Taking advantage of our loving Nana providing all-night childcare, my guy and I headed Uptown to Dos Jefes for a few drinks. There we had the pleasure of catching, Vic Shepherd's Harmonica Jazz Combo. The crowd was laid back and in good cheer with a good amount of snuggling going on between couples. It is quite a romantic place, afterall. My honey and I had a lovely time reintroducing ourselves after a very long week.

Then, on Saturday while my honey and eldest went out to a crawfish boil at the NOLA Fishing Camps , the youngest and I spent our day lounging around the house eating leftovers and taking naps. Nothing at all of any sort was accomplished and it was great day. Now that we have bad the chance to relax and take a breath it is time to get a leg up on the coming week. In part that means getting out my trusty multi use Crest-O-Mint and banishing out the dirt demons.

Since first discovering the stuff tucked away on a store shelf with no sense of product promo and a super low price tag, I have been a fan. The very retro label was what caught my attention to the nozzle free glass bottle with the green mint leaf on the label. The bottle states the product's uses directly on front - MINT OIL: Cleaner, Deodorant, Degreaser. All that in 16 oz. for a buck fifty. Then, I notice it was a Louisiana product, right out of Shreveport from, Ocean Coffee Inc. Looka there, local product! So, I try and am totally impressed. Following the label directions, I use it for surface cleaning, mopping the wood floors and, getting really scary odors out of laundry. The stuff rocks and it's cheap. It leaves everything smelling fresh and removes stains better than anything I've ever used.

The company has no website and barely any ad press so it's hard to find much about them. I have found a few word of mouth mentions via google but not much more than that. I wonder how long they've been around?


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

have you seen this yet?

10:10 PM  
Blogger Harmony St. Charles said...

oh wierd, I've seen that board before but it wasn't that active.:) I buy mine at either Sav-A-Center or Walmart, Winn Dixie was carrying it but, I haven't found it there in awhile. Good stuff!

10:57 PM  

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