Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blog Candy & The Mint Oil Gods

I've got a bucket full of hot water and Crest-O-Mint ready to tackle the tail end of my spring cleaning tirade. We have an architect coming to the house later today to measure for the plans on our intended additions. Which means I need to put it in turbo before he gets here. First however, I need another cup or two of ambition and a few moments to catch up with today's news and blog postings. Both of which have been a virtual buffet of eye-popping brain ticklers. I'll leave a few of the ones I liked the most here:

Over at the food porn ladden, Gumbo Pages, Mr.Taggert has some funny commentarty on one of local food critic, Tom Fitzmorris' "Hardest To Eat" food lists. Ernie The Attorney points out a creepy story that reads more like urban legend but, looks to be legit. Blue's sister seems to have her own wild kingdom going on with a duck eating gator in her pond and an unsolved chicken murder mystery. Se7en over at It's A Dog's Life had me choking on my coffee after reading his rather un-appetizing tale of what can go horribly wrong with human waste disposal and deep sea diving. It aslo looks like Loki added a few members to his team at Humid City with poetry by Mathew Nolan. All good stuff!

Now I'm primed for some serious dust bunny annihilation!


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

When you speak of crest-o-mint, despite me knowing what it is now, I think you are about to brush your teeth!

12:45 PM  
Blogger Harmony St. Charles said...

LOL!!! Nope, just my preferred all around household cleaner:)

1:02 PM  

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