Saturday, May 21, 2005

Online For Saturday Night Offline

We have more than a few errands to run today. At the moment, however, lazing in front of the digital cable god and surfing the music listings to find something good for tonight holds higher priority. It is Tulane's graduation tonight so things may get a little bit crowded especially most of the better retaurants. I'm also going through my summer apppetite which means I don't really feel like anything heavy or too over-portioned, which usually leads us to eating a heck of a lot of sushi. That's not a bad thing for raw fish fans like us but, it will leave a gap in "dining reviews" here for awhile. I mean, how many times can I rave at how amazingly yummy, Ninja/Sake/Wasabi was the nght before? Okay - a lot - but even I would bore myself.

I'm afraid tonight's music choice won't veer far off the recent rut I've gotten us into either. I want to catch the first half of tonight's show at the Howlin' Wolf -Mexico 1910. They are playing with Rotary Down and Big Blue Marble. All of which I've heard without being overly impressed, but I like Mexico 1910 and wouldn't mind catching them before heading up to Dos Jefe's to see Micah Herman (who I don't think we've seen before).

I'll let the size of the crowd and the chance of parking less than three blocks from the car cement my decision. Either way we get out for a while with no work or kids between us . After a week like this past one, that is all that matters.


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