Sunday, May 22, 2005

Rewind & Rewound

We had quite the good time out last night and boy was it needed! It took us two Sapporos (him) , one small sake (me), and two coctails ( us) before we finally relaxed our shoulders and stopped looking for work fires or rugrat catastrophes. Halfway through Micah Herman and the rest of his crew (including a pleasant surprise appearance by Rebecca Barry), the week's weight seemed to lift away from us. For the next couple of hours we relaxed with some nice cigars and enjoyed the sounds and sights of a lively pre-summer night.

Now I'm sitting here working on a catalog and listening to my honey snore through his much needed siesta. I think the kids are hatching some sort of world domination plan that I'm sure to have to thwart before bedtime. We're taking the easy way out for dinner tonight and noshing on a famly size lasagne. It's no effort self is in the oven heating up right now. A glass of wine with a little crime fest television and Monday shouldn't look so big and bad.


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