Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nurse Mommy's Week

My little ones have been under the weather with a stomach bug for most of the week. I've had my hands full with cleaning up the spew, reading Olivia twenty times and de-germing everything. As is the norm the girls weren't sick for long. They've both returned to their upright positions and, I'm left feeling like the end of a four day roller coaster ride.

Thanks to the marvels of modern computing (and being married to a tech-god & one helluva team mate) I didn't fall too far behind on work. Together, we gave our company's site a content update , worked on a soap label, and installed a NetDisk which will make both of our lives easier. I'll catch up on the rest after I prop my eyes open with a few cups of FM Dark Roast.

Hampster on a wheel....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

R.I.P Chief Tootie

Mardi Gras Indian Chief Dies At City Council Meeting

In his memory, my hope is that the mess between the Indians and the NOPD reaches a resolution soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bob's Sweet On The Inside

We had a really good time yesterday and I think the kiddos did, too! Bob, however, took a beating and spilled his guts. To the delight of girl children - who filled their goodie bags to the brim.



*Note: We forgot to put the tarp down for the candy but, they managed to pick up every last piece. In fact, we left our spot in the park cleaner than we found it.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Breakin' Friday

It's been quite a productive week for me but I'm glad it's over. To avoid the sharpest of grief's thorns I have worked myself to near physical exhaustion. The benefit is that our little cottage is neat as a tack, all the prep for the girl's birthday tommorow is done and, my web worksheet has all of it's to-dos checked off. This is the only way I know how I deal with this kind of sorrow. My heart has finally come to terms with a loss it can not retrieve. I feel a lot more like myself again.

Now, it's time for the weekend and some celebration of life!!!

My girls have their birthday party this Saturday. I have had the most fun planning this one than any other year before. We're holding it outside at one of the parks and the theme is "Circus Carnival".

Holding a birthday party for two girls during the heat of summer with a family as large as ours is a bit tricky. We have a mix of small kids and elderly people to consider. (More than a few of each too). Into planning must come - comfort, attention span (for both groups), the heat (good lawd) and most important did our baby girls like their party. Oh, let's not forget: "how big a bang for how small a buck" is also real biggie.

We did a great job of it this year even of I do say so myself. The party will be held at a park where we're previously attended a party before. We know beforehand where to set up so that shade and seating is possible.

One of my guy's employees is a caterer on the side. As a gift to our kids this year, he is loaning us a big table, canopy,f and a bunch of chairs. Is that cool or what? Gracias Jose!

We'll pick up a couple of sandwhich plates and some veggies for the food. With more people attending than usual it will be a large sheet cake for dessert and ice cream cups instead of anything elaborate.

Since, kids will drink anything red (it has to be a scientific fact somewhere, I swear) it's Hawiian Punch for them and canned sodas for the adults. I'm also tossing some freezy pops into the cooler just for fun. Then for the flashy stuff (sugar!!!) I bought a whole assortment of candies such as red licorice strings, lolly pops and such to fit with the circus theme. Also peanuts in the shell somehow seems fitting.. For containers, I found some big plastic sand buckets on sale in realy pretty colors. Napkins and plates in bright balloon colors and a pretty table covering will be simple yet festive.

In lieu of organized games we are going to play with bubbles. I'm bringing a big purple turtle shaped sand box/pool that is cleaned out and will be filled with a few gallons of bubble mix. I've made "bubble wands" out of wire coat hangers. The kids should have good time with that.

For the big finish we're doing a "Sponge Bob" pinata. Instead of straight candy I'm using the filling mix that has both toy trinkets together with sweets. That way I don't have to assemble goodie bags and it's a good way to end the party. Sweet and simple.`

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hot Hair (Salon)

I bet the client is real glad she answered the call of nature before sitting under that dryer:

"Blaze damages hair salon; client, worker escape unhurt"

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Seven Year Wonder

We celebrated our first born's seventh birthday this evening. I can't believe how fast she's grown. What a great kid! Here's a few pics:

An intimate setting....


Scrumptious eats....


Making a big wish...


A new art kit...

Happy #7 Big Girl!!!

Broken Wheel On The Mend

Last night my mamma and I went to Des Jefes for drinks and a little dinner. We shared a tasty tuna picata with a salad and string fries on the side. Ritchie was the most charming host as always. I forget what a great place that is early on a week-night. It was really good to have some time out from all the crap that has occured over the past few days.

Now, she's on a plane to Georgia and I'm getting back to work. I've never been so grateful to have too much to do.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Bittersweet Symphony

Life is an interesting dance with many steps and tends to end mid-song. Such is the case with the much too early passing of my youngest aunt yesterday. It was sudden and unexpected - we are all still in shock. She suffered multiple brain anyuerisms and there was nothing the doctors could do. She will be greatly missed.

The small town in Georgia where she and half of my bloodline reside will surely turn her out style. It's the Irish in us. Our funerals and wakes are superb. The tears are short and only allowed at the graveyard. Then it will be home to my Nana's (rest in peace Ruby 2002) for more food and drink than a Kermit Ruffins BBQ. Pictures and stories will be passed around and it will look more like a family reunion than a mourning event.

I will not be attending the funeral for personal reasons that they are all aware of and understand. I'm very face first about death. It's something I've dealt with since an early age. What I've learned from it all especially with the last two passing is to grab life by the short hairs and squeeze it dry. You have to dance the dance while you're here without concern for an unproven after. That motto and a morbid sense of humor really helps ease the pulsing pain from the hole left in my heart by such a sensless loss as this.

Continuously questioning why the hell this happened now isn't going to help anything or anyone. Having two youngins to look after (thankfully) leaves no time for long term sorrow either. I'll just churn the feelings and manic energy into being productive.
So, with eyes still moist I am throwing myself into my work for the next few weeks. I know her well enough to know that she'd appreciate that.

Ending on a happier note:

This has been a very nice Father's Day for us and I hope all the good papas out there are living it up. We swam ourselves to exaustion at my father-in-laws today and ate crawfish (local of course) with pasta and Chocolate cake and champagne for dessert. Now, we're snug at home belly laughing to the Simpsons. Life really does go on.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Floral Friday

These two were the only blooms on all five of my rose-bushes to survive this week's weather. Even with petals slightly bruised they are a silky pink with a strong and pleasant scent.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pixie 4.0

Since they were born in the same month (just one week apart and three years between) we combine the "official" birthday celebration into one party. It has, however, also been our tradition to spotlight them individually on their birthday. Today was that of our youngest. My mother-in-law set a lovely table and cooked a fine dinner complete with cake and gifts.

A bright and inviting table...

Dinner was pasta with chicken and veggies...

Pretty presents of a new sundress, night-gown and jewelry...

Daddy helps light the candles....

!!!Sparkly wishes for a Happy Birthday #4!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Bubbles

Day Camp for our eldest started yesterday. It's a great program - decently priced and she has the benefit of being in the familliar surroundings of her school.

Her partner in crime however; is still too young for the program but, old enough to know what she's missing. I think she is feeling a little left out right now. To distract and cheer her up I am going to put together a batch of bubble mix and join her in play for awhile.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Party Time In Storyland

We attended a fun birthday party today at City Park's Storyland. Here are a few pics:

Mermaid Fountain At Story Land
Mermaid Fountain

Pumpkin Carriage At Story Land
Pumpkin Carriage (complete with mouse driver)

Snow White At Story Land
Snow White awaits her kiss.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Magnificent

It's the end of a long week. This evening we're staying in out of Arlene's hot tropical wind and steamy rain. I'm taming a mountain of laundry that is now a small hill and watching Morgus. Tonight's libation gets right to the point. A finger of Seagram's V.O. circa 1968 (amazing what you find cleaning out an attic) neat over ice. A safe and happy Friday Night to all.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Aye Matey, A Shipwreck Museum Is Coming!

Well, at least it sounds interesting and air conditioned:
French Quarter To Get New Attraction

Scaredy Cats (& Dogs)

The sun is currently shining over my notch in the universe but, I can already smell rain in the air. Yesterday was tres' goth with it's torrents of rain and "night as day" sky. The spastic four-leggers spent the day underfoot as I chased the stir crazy flying Wilenda sisters. We must have looked like some kind of sick parade or something! Everwhere I went was a trio of mutts and one grumpy old feline cowering behind me. Leaving me to wonder who protects who around here.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saturday's Stitches

While watching most of Discovery's MythBusters marathon this morning, I managed to get this far on a scarf before needing to stop and pull it all out. It may not be pretty but, it's the best I've been able to do so far.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Living Like Stella, Feeling Like Blanche

Ever wonder how everything seems to break at once? Such as the clothes washer, unsafe browsers that lead to PC infections (mother - in - law and a client), dog with a concussion, and some god - forsaken illness that my people in this house can't seem to shake. Oh yeah, let's not forget to add that I woke up this morning convinced it was Thursday. Thus leaving me feeling very discombobulated. Where do I hang the white flag?

In context of course none of it is that big of a deal. Once my coffee finishes uploading I'll feel silly about my little rant. The washer should be fixed by today, the dog is fine (boy was that wierd - he bumped his head on the coffee table and ended up walking sideways for an hour) and hopefully spending the weekend de -germing the house we'll get ourselves back on track.

I'm leaving out a whole lot of in -between details here but my plate is a bit overfilled right now. The only thing to do is dig in and hold on tight with the self promise of some downtime in the week ahead.

On a real positive note:

It's Doughnut Day!!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Remedial Knitting

I love yarn and other string textiles. The colors, textures and possiblitues for use can be endless. It is something that has always made me desire to be a good knitter. Mostly for the pure skill and stress relief that such a repetetive craft can bring.

Unfortunately, the needle skills that every female has in my family was not passed on to me . I can needlepoint, cross, and I'm not completely deficient at sewing. But I can't for the life of me get the hang of knitting! Which of course to me, becomes an irrisitable challenge.

So, I keep at it and try not to fight the proccess. All the while envying others who manage to actually make something from their stitches. Unlike my endless rows which must be pulled out and re-done constantly. Determination and bull dog tenacity is the only thing that keeps me going with my semi private hobby.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hurricane Forecasts & Kimono Prints

Everyone but me woke up sick this morning. Lovely. A house full of sniffly, cranky, and moaning loved ones is just the thing I need to fill those pesky gaps in my schedule. Snark! Seriously, I feel bad for the poor things. I'm also very grateful that it's nothing more than a summertime bug. We've had enough real drama around here for awhile. I'm not going to sweat about the small stuff.

*(Positive outlook is brought to you via large amounts of French Market coffee)

Speaking of drama, HURRICANE SEASON has started. I've lived in coastal areas most of my life so, it's pretty second nature for me to have a hard shell of calm practicality about destructive weather. Inside of course, I'm always shaking like a wet puppy. All I or anyone else can really do is be prepared and put it out of mind until the need for action arrives.

At this time of year our household gets ready with the following:

1) Hurricane Kit - batteries, flashlights, camper t.v, wind-up radio, water and easy prep food, first aid kit and animal provisions-I put all of this in a box on an easy but out of the way shelf.

2) Enough lumber to cover windows early in the season and store in garage - bought ahead of time to beat the crazy rush and price gougings of years past

3) Make sure cat carrier is assembled, cat leash w/ harness-bowls-food

4) Dogs collared, leash and harnesses ready-bowls-food

5) Pre-packed overnight bag w/ change of clothes for everyone

6) Vehicle tuned up (our truck was in the shop last year and the loaner we were driving barely fit us so, we didn't evacuate. not cool.)

7) Important papers within reach and ready to go.

With all that in place we can pretty much relax and deal with it as it comes. Now, back to our regularly scheduled Summer.

Other than playing mama-nurse my day involves working on a new art series that I've been putting together for a couple of weeks. Big thanks to Blue for this link because it helped me put my final idea into place. You're right, Rob it is like a network!