Friday, June 24, 2005

Breakin' Friday

It's been quite a productive week for me but I'm glad it's over. To avoid the sharpest of grief's thorns I have worked myself to near physical exhaustion. The benefit is that our little cottage is neat as a tack, all the prep for the girl's birthday tommorow is done and, my web worksheet has all of it's to-dos checked off. This is the only way I know how I deal with this kind of sorrow. My heart has finally come to terms with a loss it can not retrieve. I feel a lot more like myself again.

Now, it's time for the weekend and some celebration of life!!!

My girls have their birthday party this Saturday. I have had the most fun planning this one than any other year before. We're holding it outside at one of the parks and the theme is "Circus Carnival".

Holding a birthday party for two girls during the heat of summer with a family as large as ours is a bit tricky. We have a mix of small kids and elderly people to consider. (More than a few of each too). Into planning must come - comfort, attention span (for both groups), the heat (good lawd) and most important did our baby girls like their party. Oh, let's not forget: "how big a bang for how small a buck" is also real biggie.

We did a great job of it this year even of I do say so myself. The party will be held at a park where we're previously attended a party before. We know beforehand where to set up so that shade and seating is possible.

One of my guy's employees is a caterer on the side. As a gift to our kids this year, he is loaning us a big table, canopy,f and a bunch of chairs. Is that cool or what? Gracias Jose!

We'll pick up a couple of sandwhich plates and some veggies for the food. With more people attending than usual it will be a large sheet cake for dessert and ice cream cups instead of anything elaborate.

Since, kids will drink anything red (it has to be a scientific fact somewhere, I swear) it's Hawiian Punch for them and canned sodas for the adults. I'm also tossing some freezy pops into the cooler just for fun. Then for the flashy stuff (sugar!!!) I bought a whole assortment of candies such as red licorice strings, lolly pops and such to fit with the circus theme. Also peanuts in the shell somehow seems fitting.. For containers, I found some big plastic sand buckets on sale in realy pretty colors. Napkins and plates in bright balloon colors and a pretty table covering will be simple yet festive.

In lieu of organized games we are going to play with bubbles. I'm bringing a big purple turtle shaped sand box/pool that is cleaned out and will be filled with a few gallons of bubble mix. I've made "bubble wands" out of wire coat hangers. The kids should have good time with that.

For the big finish we're doing a "Sponge Bob" pinata. Instead of straight candy I'm using the filling mix that has both toy trinkets together with sweets. That way I don't have to assemble goodie bags and it's a good way to end the party. Sweet and simple.`

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!


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