Friday, June 03, 2005

Living Like Stella, Feeling Like Blanche

Ever wonder how everything seems to break at once? Such as the clothes washer, unsafe browsers that lead to PC infections (mother - in - law and a client), dog with a concussion, and some god - forsaken illness that my people in this house can't seem to shake. Oh yeah, let's not forget to add that I woke up this morning convinced it was Thursday. Thus leaving me feeling very discombobulated. Where do I hang the white flag?

In context of course none of it is that big of a deal. Once my coffee finishes uploading I'll feel silly about my little rant. The washer should be fixed by today, the dog is fine (boy was that wierd - he bumped his head on the coffee table and ended up walking sideways for an hour) and hopefully spending the weekend de -germing the house we'll get ourselves back on track.

I'm leaving out a whole lot of in -between details here but my plate is a bit overfilled right now. The only thing to do is dig in and hold on tight with the self promise of some downtime in the week ahead.

On a real positive note:

It's Doughnut Day!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dogs are more like humans than cats. When I bang my head, I walk sideways for an hour.

We had a child gate on one room many years ago so we could keep our dogs from eating the cat's food, which they preferred. Cat food has more meat in it. One of the dogs could jump over it so we raised it about 4 inches. Our cat used to run full speed and go under it just to torment the dogs. She bonked her head on it every single time. She's still with us so there wasn't that much brain damage.


10:32 AM  
Blogger Carrie Guevara said...

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2:03 PM  
Blogger Harmony St. Charles said...

That was too funny!! LOL!! Poor cat, seems to be getting the short end of the deal ;)

2:06 PM  

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