Saturday, July 30, 2005


We've had a pretty productive weekend so far. I am taking a moment to enjoy being caught up for once.

Yesterday we hauled the other half our our four legged urchins to Magazine Street Animal Clinic for their check-ups. This was the appointment I was dreading because neither patient likes car rides nor being poked and prodded. After getting the bill and realizing they've raised their prices we felt a bit poked on ourselves but as usual the care and service was great. So unless we can find someplace that can compete on the same level at a lower cost we will remain loyal.

Today we had brunch with a new client at Betsy's Pancake House. I've never eaten there but after today will definitely have to again. Really simple food in a clean and semi-cheerful environment. Prompt sevice and frighteningly cheap. Now I know why I've heard so much about the place. Good stuff.

At the moment, I'm taking some serious guilty pleasure in watching a Fastlane marathon on CourtTv. I've been working on some new dolls that I'm making and resting up for some time out later. My guy wants to get out for some date time so tonight I think we're headed for sushi and Sunpie Barnes at Dos Jefes. I think some seriously low key r&r sans kiddos is way overdue for us both.

Like anyone doesn't already know: Dang it's hot today!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tiara Style Puddle Jumping

One well worn party dress, a pair of rubber "bee" boots and one lone puddle. Good times.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mid-Week Discombobulation

Note to my brain and body:
Hi. I know you've both had better things to do lately like not die from a stomach virus and all but, could you both get back to work now? At least cooporate with each other. Decide on one thing to do instead of trying to go in two different directions! I'm a little young for a heart attack but about ripe for a nervous break down. Please get it together. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mushrumor Do Tell....

My guy just sent me a rumor that he heard the owner of the Mushroom just pled guilty to selling bootlegs? Also that Mushroom is now closed?


UPDATE: I googled this 411:
Music Pirate Pleads Guilty

Space Baby Yeah!

I'm watching the launch and it looks like Discovery made it into space so far so good. I wish them a good mission and that they all return to Earth safely.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Monday Express

I hit the ground running this morning and haven't stopped since. It feels so good to have energy again! I've been playing catch up by posting some auctions and putting the house back in order. We had vet appointments and yard work to attend to this weekend so nothing much inside got done.

I'm only about a third way to where I need to be but I had to stop awhile and take a breather. I've spent most of the morning taking pics and listing some trading cards up for sale at eAuctionWorld and my brain is beginning to jell. Luckily the littlest gave up and is taking a nap. The eldest isn't due home for another half hour so, I have some "me" time going on right now. Just drinking a cup of Venezuela Vendetta , doing a little blog surfing and enjoying the peace while it lasts.

When the eldest boo gets home we've got to go make groceries. Food shopping is always an adventure with us and not my most favorite. But we usually end up laughing through it anyway. I think I'm going to need to go by CC's and maybe take the kiddos on a nap ride through town first. Serenity now....

Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday's Colors


Have a good weekend ya'll!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ralph To The White Phone...

I've been out of commison with a stomach virus since tuesday and am just now feeling better. I'm going to leave out my personal gory details but - YUCK. I think it's pretty much over for me but now the girls have it. That being the opposite order from the last round of this bug, should mean we'll be done with the damned thing for good. Finally.

Today's highest priorities will be cuddling, juice pops, tylenol doses, temperature checks and some gross cleanup moments of which no one needs to hear about. Since nothing is on deadline I'll just catch up on work stuff later.

Now it's time for D-D-D-Dora D-D-D-Dora The Explorer....

Monday, July 18, 2005

Back Home Below Sea Level

I've got a lot to catch up on this morning but I wanted to share a few pics from our trip -

My Dad's regular night spot. We hit town in time for dinner there. Three ladies were harmonizing beautifully with girl group standards of the 40's. The kids loved it!

The next morning we stopped at William's Orchard on the way to my grandpa's house.

My purchases were a tomato ( which the youngest ate whole), some cherries for the eldest, apple butter (with some wierd religous scripture on the label) , and my fovorite thing ever- home made apple and peach turnovers.

I always forget how high up we go to get to my family's property. They are literally on a mountain.

Country Kitty.

Yes, that is a shrine to P. Bear Bryant. The beloved late coach of the Crimson Tide for so many years. Trust me, there are many other houses with the same. My grandpa has the best Roll Tide memorbilla collection I've ever seen. The whole top of the hallway in his house is llined with it!

Where I'm standing is one mis step away from tumbling a few hundred yards down a rocky hill.

We were not home more than half an hour before the youngest saw an oppurtunity to feed the fish. ALL of his food at once! A very patient and tired daddy saved the day by changing the water and cleaning out the whole tank. "Courtney" the fish looked on from a pitcher normally reserved for margarita hour.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Milk In My Coffee & Honey In My Tea

This post is going to be a little off structure for me since my head is all over the place today:

I found this over at YatPundit while reading through my blogroll this morning. Being the spaz that I am of course I accidently commented twice. Sorry, I'm a dork. The graphic doesn't offend me but, I don't find it charming or anywhere near mature either. What Amanda wrote about it and "the media's" opinion on women and marriage at her blog really brought out a mixed bag of emotions for me personally. I wanted to leave a comment after what she said but, I fear coming off as a Pollyanna type or being totally misunderstood and causing offense. I can't agree with what she says 100% but, I respect and understand that is how she feels and percieves the way things are. Since I have yet to solve the puzzle completely myself, I am in no position to advise or admonish anyone else. All I really can say that I know so far is this:

Anyone who chooses to partner with another person regardless of gender or marital union and decides to bring children between them will be faced with their own unique set of decisions to make. You will no longer be two individuals alone together. From then on you are a family with the responsibility of not screwing up the next member of society. Decide together what works best and ingnore the nay sayers that swirl around to do nothing more than cause discourse.

Rise and whine:

I love brands of local coffee such as, Community, French Market and CDM but none of them straight black. I'm a 2/3 milk to java ratio normally. That mix for me and a scoop of Splenda is my morning route to waking up. There is one coffee brand however I can drink happily with no milk or sweetener at all. Roasted personally by Mr. Gerald Kalal over at Killer Beans. Superb coffee with some very un PC names. My favorite is Venezuela Vendetta It has just the right kick without being super acidic and no bitterness whatsoever. I woke up today of course (Murphy's law) to a fridge sans milk. Great. I find this out after I brew a whole pot of Community. Since I can't bring myself to waste it, I'm sticking with the pot of Community while resisting the urge to ditch it and start a pot of VK. Meh.

It becomes even more self indulgent from here so feel free to lose interest:

I hate packing and I really hate packing for four people. Why do they not pack for themselve you say? Because I'm not dumb enough to let them! I've been to that rodeo before. If I do it they have everything they need guaranteed. If they do it something will be left behind and it will become my problem. I like to cut out the middle on these things and just avoid the hassle if possible. Still, I hate packing!

For the first time in two years, we are officially unpacked, (our house that is) I have a functional work space/routine and I almost, almost have some clue as to what I'm doing. It feels a little wierd but good. Go me.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Woop Woop Wednesday

We're headed to the Middleofnowhere, Alabama this weeekend with the kids to visit my dad and his half of the family. I have a lot to wrap up work and house wise before we leave. Where we're going barely has basic cable t.v much less anything but a 28K connection. I also make it a rule to do no work (including checking e-mail or blogging) while visiting out of town like that. I'm actually looking forward to being a little "disconnected" for a few days. I always come back from there with a fresh outlook (and really grateful to live here) on a lot of things. Usually with a new artistic idea or two as well. I already have a series of photos to take in my head. It should be a good trip.

Right now, I'm prepping to meet with a new web design client later, chasing the dirvish and (for sanity purposes) switching channels between Have Rocket, Will Travel on AMC and The Gay Sisters (cheeezy but, great set and wardrobe) on TCM.

It feels like it's going to rain soon too. If the littlest cape crusader wants to get out it needs to be pronto. She is super charged today and isn't really cooperating much so, I think we'll head to the back pick a few oranges and throw her ball around. Anything to wind her down a bit. Have mercy...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Emily's Turn

I'm so over it already:
New Hurricane Watch

Monday, July 11, 2005

Tourist Crap

Today's perfect Monday image is brought to you courtesy of Mike Hoffman at Metroblogging NOLA

You really can sell anything here.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Soft Sunday

So far there has been nothing more than a few drops of rain here but Pensacola looks to be in the proccess of getting slammed once again. I really hate it for them, too. Cleanup and recovery from Ivan hasn't even been half done and now this! I have people there and am quite anxious for them at the moment. Nothing can be done but to hope everyone comes out in the end okay.

Our little family is currently taking the day very easy and enjoying what none of us ever want to lose - each other. We're planning on lunch later at my mother-in-law's who is making spinach lasagne. Yum! My stepson will be joining us and since she doesn't have work today so will my mamma. We'll have a nice full table later and it should be a good time.

The Mr. and Mrs. got out last night for some ouverdue date time. We started out by going into the French Quarter to take advantage of the thin crowds and the rare occurance of available parking. My honey and I got a couple of coctails to go, then took a slow stroll toward the Cigar Factory on Decatur Street where we picked out a couple of nice things to enjoy later. Dinner was planned to be Byblos on Magazine Street but the sushi crave hit so we went to Wasabi instead.

After stuffing ourselves like nordic seals we headed Uptown to Dos Jefes. Music was provided by saxaphonist Eric Traub, who was with drummer Simon Lott and James Singleton on stand-up base. What a great combo! Three almost completely different styles of playing that meshed together beautifully. We hope to hear them again soon.

I'm ending this post with the hopes that all who I love (and even those I don't) make it through Hurricane Dennis safe and sound. Hold on tight ya'll!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Panic Dance

Well, they're closing all the government buildings now. Which for me means the eldest had her day at camp cut short. What timing too! I was just finishing up a batch of soap and was prepping the youngest's lunch. Nap time for her and a coffee break for me was just around the bend. Then, I get the monkey-wrench call from my honey that child number one was on her way home and begging up a Happy Meal as consolation. Not really a big deal except that lunch was already in the oven here and, I had plenty to feed us all. But no more do I pull the wings off flies do I push a seven year old's emotional limit when she's had this big of a bummer dealt out So, gave in, stored the stuff I made and ate Mcjunk along with them. Man.

I just wish the school would have been able to stay open to let them finish out their day. It would have only been three more hours and I doubt we're in that imediate of a peril. Of course, just as I write this, the sky is darkening more by the minute. Ugh...

Nash's Logic

Such a deceptively pretty sky above our heads today. All calm and blue with no hint of the trouble ahead. Every five minutes or so some forecaster pops up with a new prediction and still no one has a clear answer. The storm hasn't even hit yet and I'm already sick of hearing about it!

By no stretch of the term am I anywhere near native to this city but, I've been here long enough to say; "We need the Nash Roberts report!" His calm hand in this is surely missed by many.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cruel Summer

Even if it does look like Dennis won't hit us head on (so far) I'm still not letting my guard down about the mess headed our way. Evacuating for us is a last resort but, I'm prepping for it to be safe. I'm spending my day scrubbing and sweeping my fears down to a bearable level. We'll make groceries later and take care of anything else that is within our control. After that all that can be done is to bear down. I just hope the damn thing is over with soon. Leaving as little damage to us and everyone else as possible.

C'mon, two storms before the middle of July? Grr.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wicked Cindy

This is what I woke up to this morning. The streets are a blanket of green leaves and branches. So much for just having had the yard done! Seriously though, whenever cleanup calls for only a rake - we count ourselves fortunate. There are trees and lines down all over town and from what I hear, some flooding as well. It could have been much worse.

Who knows what will happen with Storm Dennis. Nothing I'm looking forward to that's for sure.




Monday, July 04, 2005


How nice of the fourth to fall on a Monday this year! Our house is taking the day off and I hope yours is too.

I had my turn at the stomach bug that circulated between the rugrats this week. Lawdy was that an adventure! Details of which I will not be sharing here. Let's just say we stayed in all weekend. Anyhoo, we're well again and I'm back to fighting condition. So, it's time to get the heck outta here for awhile. A nice long drive to some alternative scenrery is just what we need. I want to take some pictures, pick up some sparklers and find something to bring home to slap on the grill. It should be a good day.

Have a safe red, white and blue time!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Wear Your Repellent!