Saturday, July 30, 2005


We've had a pretty productive weekend so far. I am taking a moment to enjoy being caught up for once.

Yesterday we hauled the other half our our four legged urchins to Magazine Street Animal Clinic for their check-ups. This was the appointment I was dreading because neither patient likes car rides nor being poked and prodded. After getting the bill and realizing they've raised their prices we felt a bit poked on ourselves but as usual the care and service was great. So unless we can find someplace that can compete on the same level at a lower cost we will remain loyal.

Today we had brunch with a new client at Betsy's Pancake House. I've never eaten there but after today will definitely have to again. Really simple food in a clean and semi-cheerful environment. Prompt sevice and frighteningly cheap. Now I know why I've heard so much about the place. Good stuff.

At the moment, I'm taking some serious guilty pleasure in watching a Fastlane marathon on CourtTv. I've been working on some new dolls that I'm making and resting up for some time out later. My guy wants to get out for some date time so tonight I think we're headed for sushi and Sunpie Barnes at Dos Jefes. I think some seriously low key r&r sans kiddos is way overdue for us both.

Like anyone doesn't already know: Dang it's hot today!


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