Thursday, July 14, 2005

Milk In My Coffee & Honey In My Tea

This post is going to be a little off structure for me since my head is all over the place today:

I found this over at YatPundit while reading through my blogroll this morning. Being the spaz that I am of course I accidently commented twice. Sorry, I'm a dork. The graphic doesn't offend me but, I don't find it charming or anywhere near mature either. What Amanda wrote about it and "the media's" opinion on women and marriage at her blog really brought out a mixed bag of emotions for me personally. I wanted to leave a comment after what she said but, I fear coming off as a Pollyanna type or being totally misunderstood and causing offense. I can't agree with what she says 100% but, I respect and understand that is how she feels and percieves the way things are. Since I have yet to solve the puzzle completely myself, I am in no position to advise or admonish anyone else. All I really can say that I know so far is this:

Anyone who chooses to partner with another person regardless of gender or marital union and decides to bring children between them will be faced with their own unique set of decisions to make. You will no longer be two individuals alone together. From then on you are a family with the responsibility of not screwing up the next member of society. Decide together what works best and ingnore the nay sayers that swirl around to do nothing more than cause discourse.

Rise and whine:

I love brands of local coffee such as, Community, French Market and CDM but none of them straight black. I'm a 2/3 milk to java ratio normally. That mix for me and a scoop of Splenda is my morning route to waking up. There is one coffee brand however I can drink happily with no milk or sweetener at all. Roasted personally by Mr. Gerald Kalal over at Killer Beans. Superb coffee with some very un PC names. My favorite is Venezuela Vendetta It has just the right kick without being super acidic and no bitterness whatsoever. I woke up today of course (Murphy's law) to a fridge sans milk. Great. I find this out after I brew a whole pot of Community. Since I can't bring myself to waste it, I'm sticking with the pot of Community while resisting the urge to ditch it and start a pot of VK. Meh.

It becomes even more self indulgent from here so feel free to lose interest:

I hate packing and I really hate packing for four people. Why do they not pack for themselve you say? Because I'm not dumb enough to let them! I've been to that rodeo before. If I do it they have everything they need guaranteed. If they do it something will be left behind and it will become my problem. I like to cut out the middle on these things and just avoid the hassle if possible. Still, I hate packing!

For the first time in two years, we are officially unpacked, (our house that is) I have a functional work space/routine and I almost, almost have some clue as to what I'm doing. It feels a little wierd but good. Go me.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


Blogger Vee said...

Enjoy your weekend in Alabama. Could you take all this heat with you please?

11:13 AM  
Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Remember the banjos!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous MrJerry said...

Glad to hear that my Venezuela Vendetta is working for you, thanks so much for your high praise as well.

BTW, nice blog!!

10:54 AM  

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