Sunday, July 10, 2005

Soft Sunday

So far there has been nothing more than a few drops of rain here but Pensacola looks to be in the proccess of getting slammed once again. I really hate it for them, too. Cleanup and recovery from Ivan hasn't even been half done and now this! I have people there and am quite anxious for them at the moment. Nothing can be done but to hope everyone comes out in the end okay.

Our little family is currently taking the day very easy and enjoying what none of us ever want to lose - each other. We're planning on lunch later at my mother-in-law's who is making spinach lasagne. Yum! My stepson will be joining us and since she doesn't have work today so will my mamma. We'll have a nice full table later and it should be a good time.

The Mr. and Mrs. got out last night for some ouverdue date time. We started out by going into the French Quarter to take advantage of the thin crowds and the rare occurance of available parking. My honey and I got a couple of coctails to go, then took a slow stroll toward the Cigar Factory on Decatur Street where we picked out a couple of nice things to enjoy later. Dinner was planned to be Byblos on Magazine Street but the sushi crave hit so we went to Wasabi instead.

After stuffing ourselves like nordic seals we headed Uptown to Dos Jefes. Music was provided by saxaphonist Eric Traub, who was with drummer Simon Lott and James Singleton on stand-up base. What a great combo! Three almost completely different styles of playing that meshed together beautifully. We hope to hear them again soon.

I'm ending this post with the hopes that all who I love (and even those I don't) make it through Hurricane Dennis safe and sound. Hold on tight ya'll!


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I woulod have hated for Dennis to come around here. Sorry it had to go anywhere however

10:11 AM  
Blogger Harmony St. Charles said...

me too!

2:26 PM  

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