Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where We're At

We evacuated first thing this morning and are now at my father-in-laws home in Lacombe. Packed up what we could, boarded the house and left the rest at Katrina's whim. At the moment I hold no hope of returning to our house or neighborhood for quite some time.

This really may be a life changing event for so many of us here. My heart is truly in tatters at the moment and I feel so drained emotionally it boarders on numb. I'm sure this feeling is not held by myself alone. All that can be done now is to hang tight and see what happens. I really wish I could seem more positive but I can't. Tommorow, I'll pull myself up by the ol' boot straps and do what must be done to go on. Tonight, it's pity party time.

P.S. A big huge thank you to all who left your concern for me in my comments. It meant more to me at this moment than I could ever express.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Prepped Like A T-Day Turkey

We're ready to board up the windows, our hurricane kit is extra thick and our evacuation plan is a-go if need be. I've spent most of my life in hurricane areas and this is the very first storm that I've ever felt in fear of. I have a bad feeling about this bitch. Katrina looks like she wants to play and New Orleans may be the toy. The damage this thing could do is unthinkable. I hope we all make it through as safely as possible.

Since we're as ready as ready gets there's no since in worrying about it much more. Storm or not, it's still Saturday Night and I'm determined to get out for a spell. I've been stuck in art-clothes and the mommy zone all week. I have got to get girlied up and get out of here or I'm going crazy. Impending doom be damned.

Stay safe ya'll !!!!

Boo!! Katrina!! Boo!!

We have a storm on the horizon eh? That's just dandy. We've been examining our options and trying to decide what's best. Go or stay? At the moment we're staying but, as the storm's course changes so could our plans. If I think about it too much more I'll just end up a nervous wreck.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

From The Family View

After seeing Lisa's comment I checked out her blog which features her just now ending visit to New Orleans. From her pics it looks like the whole family had a good time. Which is amazing considering that it is egg fryin' hot outside. Bye Lisa! Come back soon!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Actively Humid Podcasting

It's good to see Loki getting things rolling over at Humidcity with a podcast by one of the more unusual characters to call New Orleans home. Pop on over and find out what the Reverend Goat has to say. Good luck understanding him!

Mid-Weekly Reader

Today is all about persuing my usual inspirational resources and checking out some new ones. For starters I've cracked open one of my favorite vintage Christmas idea books that dates back to the fifties and is filled will long forgotten decor styling and food recipes. It's titled, "The Complete Christmas Book". It is from the Franklin Watts company with some kooky illustrations by William Ronin. It's super white bread and more cheesy than the Cleavers but some of the design ideas are really fun. So far I've found one that I'm going to use for the front of a box purse and some ideas for decorative stockings. Definitely fun to spend time with when it's still so hot outside.

Then there's the matter of getting two little girls ready for Halloween time. I'm a semi-homemade kind of mom. They both get to decide (and coordinate) what they want to be and there is no changing of the mind what-so-ever after. Then I do my best to make it happen. Two years ago it was a cat and mouse, last year both were tigers and this year they've decided on buterflies. That works out pretty good for me. All I have to design and create are the wings and antenae. The rest we just buy in the dance clothes departent. (Bodysuit and tights, that sort of thing.) Like a lot of parents here - we put a lot into the whole Hallow's Eve costume because it also ends up being used for Mardi Gras the same year. So, it's got to last.

My reading at the moment also includes two recent book purchases. One is a coffee table book called, New Orleans: Then And Now and the other is Managing Ignatus. Both have given me some personal insight to a time and way of living well before mine.

Monday, August 22, 2005

He Didn't Have A Ride Home?!?

I needed a good chuckle....(Thanks dumb thief from Slidell!)

Cops Recover Stolen Street Sweeper

School Bells Are Ringing

I just finished taking the eldest into 1st grade. She's really nervous (so am I) but, more than ready. She's got a great teacher and some of her favorite classmates from last year are with her too. I'm sure it will be a really good day for her. I hope.

When did I turn into such a hand wringer? Lawdy.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Family Circus

Yesterday at the eldest's suggestion we took a family field trip of sorts to Lakeside Mall of all places. The whole thing started with her asking me if we even lived near any malls. It then hit me suddenly that she nor I have been to a mall since she was a toddler. The youngest hasn't even been at all. I've been shopping for most of consumer goods online since 1998 and the rest of my dollars are used locally and at the "big evil blue box" where we make groceries. But, being seven and a girly-girl the allure of what "the mall" stands for is probably irresistable to her. So ma and pa decided to suck it up and drive out to the suburban maze from which we once fled.

We lucked out and it wasn't too crowded and there were some child/youth oriented activites going on that both kiddos enjoyed. Neither of them (a small miracle) were in a "gimme-gimme" type mood so we were all able to just mainly stroll around and window shop together.

We did stop in a few spots such as the pet shop, Sharper Image , Create-A-Bear and so on. At Hot Topic the girls both asked for and got new notebooks with fairies on the covers. I found some stickers there that are based on work by an artist I know through journaling. It made me feel so good to see her work like that and I bought a green fairy one that reminds me of Chartruese. After our little buys we headed to fill the youngest's ice cream craving. We ended the day by trapsing through KB Toys and getting an idea of what they'll want from Santa. It was a good time for us went far toward getting them both wound down a little. Thankfully, they both passed out on the drive home.

For dinner we ordered in Chinese food and even after stuffing ourselves we still had plenty leftover to warm up for today's lunch. That has just lent itself to our current sate of laziness. Both my guy and I on the couch watching nerd t.v. and emailing wierd links back and forth to each other. The kids are trying to clean their room but I don't think the operation is solid. I'm about to go drill seargent in a moment though and make everyone get up and moving. We still have groceries to make for the week ahead and some school supplies to pick up. As much as I want to laze around here -time isn't going to slow down for me and it's just getting later. I'm afraid if I settle in much more we'll never get out of here. Especially with the sky becoming rain heavy by the moment. That is definitely not helping any of our motivation.


Friday, August 19, 2005

"Mystery" Revealed

The pictures that I posted yesterday were of the most unusual bathroom that I have ever seen. They call it the "De-crapulator" and it is one of the many wildly decorated parts in one of the last remaining fishing camps along Haynes Blvd. Already dwindled down from past storms and development the number of camps went from about sixty to just five when Hurricane Georges swept though in 1998.

I had the pleasure of attending a get - together there last week. What a treat! I expected the place to be decorated strictly by the Cabela's catalog. Instead I was delightfully surprised to find exactly the opposite. Folk art was everywhere and the furnishings very comfortable in soft fabrics and beachy colors. Large bay windows on almost every wall are placed in a way that looking through them frames the landscape like a painting. Not an inch of the place was wasted either. Even the most mundane of things are treated with something special. Such is the case with the bathroom.

Unique to say the least!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's A Mystery

I've been working on a client bio all week and I still have a ways to go before this weekend's meeting. It has been an unusual and educating challenge. I'll be glad when I'm done though. My brain hurts.

Here's a new set of pics:

Can you guess what and where it is? I'll write about it tommorow.




Monday, August 15, 2005

Pic Day

Here are a few pics of Satchmo Fest that I was unable to post until now:


In the nuetral ground along Esplanade avenue was the usual line of porta-potties found during events here.

As we passed I noticed that some musicians had left their instuments on the ground.

The crowd listening to dixe land style jazz. (I'm not sure who the band was)

Young musicians on stage. (Again, I'm not sure who they were.)

Making good use of the balcony view.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Easy Sweet

I left my guy in charge of the injuns last night and met up with my mamma to celebrate her birthday at Dos Jefes. Some of her friends came out to celebrate her proper and we toasted the birthday girl with libations while listening to Jerry Jumonville & Jump City. It was a great night and I think one of the best birthday's my mamma has ever had.

It's sunday and my whole household is on lazy mode. My guy and I are just easing into the day with no real sense of direction. We have a long week ahead of us with a lot that needs to be done both house and work wise. All of which can just wait until big bad monday rears it's head.

Our biggest priority for now is to sit around awhile longer and then get out with the kids. It's such a pretty day even if the temperature is kiln level I don't want us stuck inside. There are some pictures needing to be added to my "NOLA Street Series" and I've got to pick up a new card reader.

Later we are to have dinner with my mother- in- law. She's having a rare craving for hot dogs and she's got a dulce de leche cake all ready for dessert. So, it should be a nice cap on the weekend.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Crushed Ice Happiness

Now that Bill mentions it, I think we're going to have to stop by for a round while we're out later. I want strawberry with a dollop of condensed milk. Yum!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Back Off Shark!

There is a new shark repellent due on the shelves sometime next year. I wonder if it works and how bad it must smell.

What's in your beach bag?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Le Jour De Bosse

Why do we call wednesday 'hump day" ? The Urban Dictionary has a variety of definitions of the term. I like number four the best. It's very - natrly n'awlins!

#4.Hump Day:

The middle of the work week, wednesday, or the beginning of the weekend, depending on your level of addiction to alcohol.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Local Space Role

Restless Natives

My guy and I had some "date time" saturday night at Dos Jefes. We met up with a few of his long distance cigar friends who are in town for the RTDA convention. He and I shared a yummy prime rib sandwich and a plate of their delicious oysters meniure. Sunpie Barnes had the zydeco flowing and the summery crowd was eating it up. It made for some great people watching and gave me some much needed artistic inspiration.

I spent sunday afternoon hanging out with my mamma and the kids in the FQ at Satchmo Fest. It was really hot and I think they need to erect some sort of shade but it's still one of my favorite local events. We ate fried boudin, grilled corn and the girls shared (I kid you not) a bbq pork chop on a stick. I sat in the grass and noshed while jazz and brass floated through the air and fell in love with the city all over again.

Now it's monday and I actually feel slightly refreshed for once. That's a good thing too because camp is over and I have two for one at home until school starts in two weeks.. I think that they are already planning a coup. My battle plan is to wear them down with fresh air and sidewalk chalk. Hopefully they'll give in and take a nap later while I get some actual work done. Or they'll tie me to a chair and set fire to my ankles. Either way it's a real win-win situation.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sugar Smooth

It's been one heck of an over-sized week and I need a breather. So, this morning I'm starting off with a Krispy Kreme donut and flashing all the way back to '93 by watching So I Married An Axe Murderer on Flixe. Ohm.

It looks to be a nice weekend ahead too. The weather could be up and down with some rain on the forecast. But with such events as Satchmo Fest and White Linen Night going on, that may benefit us all by keeping the heat and bugs to code bearable. One can at least hope right?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Off Reel

Well, I stayed up long enough last night to catch myself on the ten o' clock news. I looked pretty horrid and I absolutley hate how I sound on any recording but other than that it wasn't too bad. Not something I'll want to do again though! Seriously, how do people do that? Just stand right in front of a camera and answer questions being flashed at you while your brain is trying to battle with every self conscious phobia there is to have at once! Amazing.

Right now I'm bribing the little one with Fruit Loops and Lazy Town so that I can get some work done. I have a client interview to do over the phone this morning to get his bio started. That's always the hardest part of a new project for me. The book report type details always seem to be a tough skin for me to pierce at first. Once it's rolling though it'll go fast and will be off my plate. So, I think I'm going to slam another cup of VV and get to dialing.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Camera Mortification & Yay School Clothes!

My eldest was chosen along with twenty nine of her school mates to participate in a back to school promo with Academy Sports. We all went together today to pick out: two full uniforms, shoes, socks, a belt, and bookbag.

Academy Sports has a great staff who were very helpful. I don't know how but, they managed not to go stark raving bonkers while working with that many kids at once.

The only horror of the day was my being snagged for interview by whatever news station was there. Ugh. If you see a very tired and irritated looking woman babbling to the camera later - please be kind. We didn't sleep much last night and I wasn't exactly what I would consider mentally alert or camera ready. Other than that - it was tons of fun!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dripping Gray

It's so hard to wake up with the kind of weather we're having today. The sun is nowhere to be seen and the forecast just shows more rain. My body and brain are conspiring against my to-do list and the only weapon I have is a cup of dark roast. At the moment we're not winning. I'm fighting hard against the urge to curl up with the youngest and watch cartoons or read some kind of dusty paperback. Maybe later but right now I want to get ahead on what needs to be done first. So, I'll have another cup of ambition (sorry 9-5's been on a lot lately) and try to motivate myself. Even if it does feel like four a.m outside. Meh.

Monday, August 01, 2005

My Little Green Friend


Made right here in Louisiana by the Ocean Coffee Co. and some of the best stuff I've ever used for cleaning. Time to chase off some grime....