Sunday, August 14, 2005

Easy Sweet

I left my guy in charge of the injuns last night and met up with my mamma to celebrate her birthday at Dos Jefes. Some of her friends came out to celebrate her proper and we toasted the birthday girl with libations while listening to Jerry Jumonville & Jump City. It was a great night and I think one of the best birthday's my mamma has ever had.

It's sunday and my whole household is on lazy mode. My guy and I are just easing into the day with no real sense of direction. We have a long week ahead of us with a lot that needs to be done both house and work wise. All of which can just wait until big bad monday rears it's head.

Our biggest priority for now is to sit around awhile longer and then get out with the kids. It's such a pretty day even if the temperature is kiln level I don't want us stuck inside. There are some pictures needing to be added to my "NOLA Street Series" and I've got to pick up a new card reader.

Later we are to have dinner with my mother- in- law. She's having a rare craving for hot dogs and she's got a dulce de leche cake all ready for dessert. So, it should be a nice cap on the weekend.


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