Thursday, October 27, 2005

Slacker Zone

I've been a big snuggle-hermit all dang day. The sudden weather change has been hard for my mind and body accept. One day we're steamy hot and battling mosquitos the next it's all brisk and gray with an icy wind coming off the coast. I've got no desire to do anything but stay inside and be an absolute slacker. It's pretty bad too. Like eating chessy poofs while watching Ferris Bueller type bad.

Since it's about to rain there's not even the motivation to go to the park with the kids. The eldest went to the zoo today on a school field trip and she's pretty worn out anyways. So, I'm just hanging out and avoiding all forms of over due work stuffs. (Another unspoken source of frustration for me at the moment.) Throwing it all off for another day won't hurt much of anything.

Right now I just want to cook a big pot of pasta, watch Anchorman, and add fringe to a new scarf that's almost finished.

Yeah, it's like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The weather is gorgeous here in Louisiana and I feel like doing the slacker thing all weekend. I may do that, too. I have a whole bunch of excuses stored up. There would be guilt on Monday. I can probably live with it, though.


5:26 PM  
Blogger Harmony St. Charles said...

Rob- you of all people most definitely deserve some "relax and do nothing" time. I hope things are improving where you're at :)

6:55 PM  

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