Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Used To The Unusual

My guy left last night for a week in Jeff/NOLA. He'll be commuting like this once a month or more depending on how he's needed. Right now it feels a little wierd but I'm sure we'll fall into a normal routine in no time. It's just another piece of our currrent paradigm shift.

His business surviving is our only chance for being able to again live anywhere near New Orleans. That means (at least for now) he needs to be there for a week or two out of each month. I can handle running the roost on my own though - that's no problem. I just miss the big guy terribly...

I plan to keep the kids and I occupied enough so that the week will seem to go by faster. We'll organize the house and then get out to explore St. Mary's some. I'm trying to have an open mind about living here by seeing the town through my kid's eyes. They see the hundreds of pretty butterflies, fishing boats and tons of kids to play with whenever they wish. I see someplace that is foriegn and unknown to me. It is nothing like when I was a child/teen visiting for a month every summer.

Back then - it was incredibly rural with just about nothing to do but fish and go to church. Now, there are shops everwhere, top of the region schools, a strongly supported artist community, much more diverse in culture and, individuality is no longer a faux pas. It is by all accounts a small version of coastal paradise (if you like mosquitos as big as hang - gliders and lets not forget the dang gnats) but it is not New Orleans. That's a fact that I'm having a hard time coming to terms with. It's just going to take time and effort that's all. Really.


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