Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I'm trying a little experiment with my blogging. Through the holidays I'll be posting only NOLA related items here at HSC, such as where to shop for gifts, how to help or donate and news clips ect. All posts until then, will be in direct regards to New Orleans. I want to keep the light on a subject that I fear is in danger of being forgotten - recovery.

For now, I'll be confining my personal posting to my art blog at Creative Display. If you're a regular reader I hope you'll visit me there.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thankful Thanksgiving

Wherever you are and whoever you're with may today be filled with love, grace and thanks!

My daughter and I designed this feather together as part of a school project. It's pretty clear where our hearts were.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Early Bird

On Sunday, my little brood and I went to my great-aunt's house for an early Thanksgiving family celebration. It was a good way to break the self seclusion we've been in since arriving in St. Mary's

These are people that I've not seen in sixteen years, yet they've been wonderfully respectful of our need for privacy. It's been something that I've appreciated greatly, but it would be rude (and slightly batty of me) to stay in hiding forever. So we picked the holidays to make our intro.

They were all happy to see us and instantly made me feel as if I've never been away. We ate well and laughed much. It was a good time and I'm so glad we went.

Love is a healing salve.

Dark Tunnels

I've been doing pretty well lately at keeping my emotions in check. Unfortunately, all that failed big time mid-Thursday when putting together a portfolio of my art and photo prints. I had to force myself to peruse file after file of pre-Katrina shots in New Orleans and it was physically painful. With each picture and print came the rush of loss and feelings that I was unprepared to face. There was also a vast amount news regarding the struggle for recovery by the city and it's people to proccess. All of it left me confused, drained and near hopeless in a very scary way.

So I took a break of sorts and spent a few days immersing myself in tons of movies, music and some early holiday shopping. I'm feeling much stronger now for having done so. The movies helped break reality's sting. The shopping gave me a chance to get some fresh air and time to myself for reflection. It helped me get a good grip on things and how they are no matter how I want them to be.

In short - grief sucks.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Moo Don't Move

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hump Day Humor

After a night of intense and disturbing dreams I woke this morning in quite a dark mood. Not grumpy or despondent, just very dark and on the brink of brooding. In the middle of trying to kick my own butt into gear I came upon a very juicy piece of spam in my e-box this morning.

It made me laugh and for that I won't embarass the crap out of the guy by posting his misspelled logo and cell number (which he included in the mail) here. Just this once though and only out of the good of my heart. Because I hate spam. (Local to NOLA or not) But I really hate it when you go through the trouble to make a graphic to include in your spam - and somehow you MISSPELL it!

Dang, boy. Its N-E-T-W-O-R-K-S not N-E-W-T-O-R-K-S. How many people did you send that to and not take the time to check it over first? Ouch.

Friday, November 11, 2005

It Is So All About Me....

Well, sorta.

Monday is my birthday. So, this weekend (extra long due to today's holiday) is my time to celebrate surviving all the perils of this world for thirty one whole years. This year in particular is special because I really feel like one hell of a fortunate woman.

I'm a little wierd about presents and parties for myself though. It's just way too much attention for me to handle. I prefer a nice homemade dinner and one of my mamma's making some sort of sweet thing for me. My guy is the same way. (Which is kinda strange because we both love to throw parties for our kids and planning other events together.) He and I long had a deal worked together when it comes to gifting each other. Simple -we shop for ourselves. There are exceptions to the rule but, it keeps either of us feeling pressured to find the perfect thing at an already hectic time of the year. It also guarantees that we get exactly what we want.

This year my guy chose a verynice humidor for himself that goes very well with the modern/vintage decor that we lean towards. He likes it a lot and when there's any chance for him to have some personal joy it makes me happy. That's also how he feels when it's my turn. One of many reasons why he deserves how much I love him.

For myself I'll be adding a few needed pieces to my wardrobe, new shoes and I'm attending (crafty dork alert) Clay Quest 2006 which is taking place like eight blocks from my house for the next three days. It's a polymer clay convention which isn't my thing but, it will be all over the "Historical St. Mary's Area" . (Seriously, I've read up on this thing and heard tales of it around town. Apparently, it's supposed to have a sizable attendence.) Who knows, it could actually be a hoot. If nothing else, I'll get some good pictures and have a chance to meet the local merchants. It's also a good chance to get out all by myself without my children. They've been a handful all week and I need some space between me and their needs. In other words - daddy can wrangle the herd for awhile. That is a bigger gift to me right now than any money could buy.

So, off I go to see what in the heck a "ClayQuest" looks like...

Let's not forget to thank my mamma who not only gave me the opportunity to be here but, also helped me manage to make it this far. Trust, it wasn's an easy job.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Geek Girl Rambling

Due to the advent of certain technologies my guy and I can work pretty much from anywhere. Two laptops with wireless connections and we're ready to go. With two kids it's an ideal situation - most of the time. Some days, I wouldn't mind an actual office somewhere that I could go to daily sans child. Only on particularly chaotic days though. He and I are really fulfilling a goal that we set nearly eight years ago when expecting our first daughter.

The idea was to pull together our skills and start a small design company. We wanted to put what technology was available and affordable to us at the time that would allow us to work portably. At that time it was an almost unheard of concept and would cause much trial and error for the first few years. Somehow, though, we're still here and actually making our way. It hasn't been easy and certainly not very profitable. Not yet at least.

Two years ago my guy was suddenly needed to return and help to run his family's almost sixty year old company. That took a lot of adjusting to. We've kept plucking and managed to find a decent balance by narrowing down what type of services we offer. Our small business was able to survive while he attended to the day to day operations of the family business. It took a while, but we had found some sense of balance before all hell broke loose.

Suddenly H.Katrina hits and throws a pretty big monkey wrench into our (and thousands of others') operation. When first arriving in St. Mary's we put everything on hold until the hard decision to relocate here was finalized. Then there was the whole shell-shocked trauma recovery to deal with. That took a while, but I think we're both slowly doing better.

A new challenge, though, is having my guy's company physically located in Jefferson/Orleans and him having to work from a home satellite office. That makes me his personal assistant/secretary. Then there's the new site we are working on and attempting to raise funds on behalf of the Byrd family by selling 'Fess merchandise. It's a lot to juggle but I'm nowhere near unhappy about it all. I like working with him and I'm proud of what we're involved in right now. This is just what I need too. Full hands and a busy mind!

The bonus is that most of our current projects are related to New Orleans. Thanks to good tech/fast net in 2005 (almost '06) and a good long-distance plan we are able to make progress no matter how geographically scattered our clients may be. It really softens the overall daily feeling of helplessnesss and of being disconnected.

Did I also mention how Aleve goes really well with a cup of Killer Beans Mexican Mayhem? If I didn't then I should because they are what helps keep my eyelids up and my hair from (as of yet) turning gray. So far it's working.

Today was all about merchandise designs, getting the word out about the new 'Fess stuff and securing an url for a new site. In between I had a meeting via speakerphone while chasing my youngest through the house as she grifted one verboten object after the other. (Which is the main reason why I don't do video conferencing.) Now I'm going to force myself to put the computer down for the night and work on some actual artsy stuff. It's either that or my brain is going to go on lockdown.

P.S. This post really isn't meant to be about the benefits of being able to work remotely. It's more about my making the hard effort to see the good amongst the bad and slightly more than difficult. Thanks for understanding.

I hope everyone had had a decent "hump" day!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

For Professor Longhair Fans Everywhere!

Fesswear, the official 'Fess merchandise store is proud to have new products available. Just in time for the holidays, we have gift ideas galore! New super-cute cap sleeve tees, hoodies, ringer shirts and organic cotton tees. You can dance to life's funky beat in comfort and style.

We also have a great assortment of new and unique items such as hangable porcelian ornaments that are perfect for your Christmas trees or even your dashboard.

Please check out the Fesswear store for more fun stuff featuring the "Bach of Rock" - Dr. Professor Longhair

All profits go directly to the Byrd family so that they may rebuild their lives after losing almost everything due to Hurricane Katrina.

You support is most appreciated!


Monday, November 07, 2005

All Systems Go

I attended to some neglected biz chores today and feel all the better for having done so. It was the most normal type of work day that I've had in a while and it felt pretty nice. My mind has cleared enough from the recent traumas to steadily concentrate again. I think. I'm grabbing the moment and really trying to make some progress despite the wieght of everything else.

It's been a few years but my guy and I find ourselves working exclusively at home. Together. A situation that makes us very grateful we were (and still are) best friends since before even becoming a couple. I think knowing each other the way we do and sharing the same quirky sense of humor makes it easy to be around each other so much. We share a good rythm and I value it immensely.

At the moment we're pretty much financially stable. (Thanks in large part to my man's BOTL. They know who they are and that I have much love for every single one.) That means I'll be able to donate some my services to a couple of displaced NOLA musicians and their recovery. I have a new site to work on and some promo/merchandise designs to start. I'll be breaking one of my self-imposed blogging rules and shamelesly promoting some new stuff here soon at HSC. Pleae bear with me when it happens. I promise not to keep it up forever.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Love That Letter Box

I lucked out this morning and found a great lineup of movies on one of my favorite channels, TCM. I just had the pleasure of watching All Fall Down with the flawless Eva Marie Saint and a very young Warren Beatty. Who is upstaged by the even younger Brandon De Wilde. (In my opinion he was a brilliant actor who passed way before his time.) Angela Landsubury (I love her wardrobe in this film) as a loving but overbearing mother and Karl Malden (loved him in Street Car Named Desire) as an exasperated, ambivilant, yet warm hearted husband and father. The set alone makes it a favorite of mine but the script is so good that the story has modern relevance. Having it on in letter box was a real treat. I happily watched it while drinking my coffee and actually enjoying an early sunday for once in quite awhile.

While my guy sleeps in a bit longer I'm going to pack up a snack and take the girls up to the park for a bit. The weather is really nice and it would be a shame to waste it by staying in all day. The girls have these new bubble wand gadgets that thier aunt gave them. We're going to go and have some fun with those and then sit in the big swings eating snacks while watching the boats. We really need to go make some good memories and I think now it as good as any to start.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


We all took the chance today to stay in and be lazy. Our week was full and our overall sanity needed some time out.

My guy got in late last night and was pretty tired from his trip back from NOLA. I let him sleep in most of the morning, Then, by the time he got up I was nursing a wierd headache. I was in real need of a nap. He took over from there and let me rest. Such a good man.

I woke up late enough to have no motiviation to accomplish much of anything. So, I sent the eldest off with daddy to the market for a quick dinner from the deli. They brought back a feast mixed with a nice array of junk. True weekend grub.

Now we're just hanging out on the couch, drinking wine and watching Cops. All while emailing an array of odd links to one another. Rock on.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Anyone have a suggested solution?

Massive Amounts Of Post-Hurricane Trash

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Finding The Treats

Both kids made out like bandits this Halloween and we now have way too much candy in the house. It felt so good seeing them come back from trick-or-treating with huge smiles on their flushed faces. Evidence of just how far they've come from what first brought us here.

This morning I said goodbye to my guy as he heads off to work in NOLA for the rest of the week. I think it's going to be a much better trip for him than last time. Much of our regualr places are open for business and I know he's looking forward to some familiar comforts. (He really deserves it too!) I look forward to good reports of progress there when he gets back.

Until then I'm holding down the fort here. We've had our dinner and the girls are just about ready to fall off to sleep. They both had nice long kid type days. Fortunate beings.

P.S. There was a huge rainbow in the sky directly above my house today. Very cool.