Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Geek Girl Rambling

Due to the advent of certain technologies my guy and I can work pretty much from anywhere. Two laptops with wireless connections and we're ready to go. With two kids it's an ideal situation - most of the time. Some days, I wouldn't mind an actual office somewhere that I could go to daily sans child. Only on particularly chaotic days though. He and I are really fulfilling a goal that we set nearly eight years ago when expecting our first daughter.

The idea was to pull together our skills and start a small design company. We wanted to put what technology was available and affordable to us at the time that would allow us to work portably. At that time it was an almost unheard of concept and would cause much trial and error for the first few years. Somehow, though, we're still here and actually making our way. It hasn't been easy and certainly not very profitable. Not yet at least.

Two years ago my guy was suddenly needed to return and help to run his family's almost sixty year old company. That took a lot of adjusting to. We've kept plucking and managed to find a decent balance by narrowing down what type of services we offer. Our small business was able to survive while he attended to the day to day operations of the family business. It took a while, but we had found some sense of balance before all hell broke loose.

Suddenly H.Katrina hits and throws a pretty big monkey wrench into our (and thousands of others') operation. When first arriving in St. Mary's we put everything on hold until the hard decision to relocate here was finalized. Then there was the whole shell-shocked trauma recovery to deal with. That took a while, but I think we're both slowly doing better.

A new challenge, though, is having my guy's company physically located in Jefferson/Orleans and him having to work from a home satellite office. That makes me his personal assistant/secretary. Then there's the new site we are working on and attempting to raise funds on behalf of the Byrd family by selling 'Fess merchandise. It's a lot to juggle but I'm nowhere near unhappy about it all. I like working with him and I'm proud of what we're involved in right now. This is just what I need too. Full hands and a busy mind!

The bonus is that most of our current projects are related to New Orleans. Thanks to good tech/fast net in 2005 (almost '06) and a good long-distance plan we are able to make progress no matter how geographically scattered our clients may be. It really softens the overall daily feeling of helplessnesss and of being disconnected.

Did I also mention how Aleve goes really well with a cup of Killer Beans Mexican Mayhem? If I didn't then I should because they are what helps keep my eyelids up and my hair from (as of yet) turning gray. So far it's working.

Today was all about merchandise designs, getting the word out about the new 'Fess stuff and securing an url for a new site. In between I had a meeting via speakerphone while chasing my youngest through the house as she grifted one verboten object after the other. (Which is the main reason why I don't do video conferencing.) Now I'm going to force myself to put the computer down for the night and work on some actual artsy stuff. It's either that or my brain is going to go on lockdown.

P.S. This post really isn't meant to be about the benefits of being able to work remotely. It's more about my making the hard effort to see the good amongst the bad and slightly more than difficult. Thanks for understanding.

I hope everyone had had a decent "hump" day!


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