Sunday, February 27, 2005

Giving The Word "Blog" a Good Name

One of my first daily stops on the business end of the blogosphere is a very well written and informative blog by Bill Ives called, "Portals and KM". He writes in a practical and entertaining manner. During the week his topics cover the use of portals, blogs and knowledge managment with a switch to music and food on the weekends. His recent post about blog policies gave me a lot to think about. If you are serious about blogging, it is a definite must read.

Today I had the pleasure of receiving a very nice review of my fledgling blog, "Harmony St. Charles" in his post for today. Mr. Ives grew up in New Orleans in the 1950's. Like most other natives he comes back often for a taste of home. He's a true son of the city and knows his way around. In that vein, he brought up some really good insider points regarding one of my recent posts.

Last Sunday I wrote "Sunday Means Brunch" in which I cringingly made the suggestion of Brennan's and Court Of Two Sisters for brunch. He's absolutely right when he says they are at the very least touristy and overpriced. I agree and don't take much pleasure in offering them as the main traditional choices. Unfortunately, I have also learned a hard lesson from years of working in the French Quarter.

When asked "Where do we eat brunch on Sundays?" Your answer might as well be one of the two because that's either where their mamma, nanna or best friend ate once and by golly so must they. These types of tourists (bless em' and their pocketbooks) are looking for just that, a textbook tourist experience. Memories of the places seen in guidebooks and on cooking shows. The mere bragging rights of having been seems almost more important than the meal and its quality. This is sad to a native because there really is so much more to choose from.

I've tried to steer them straight but, usually without much success. Hopefully when others see Bill's post and knowing he's from here they will take a chance. Trying out Arnaud's (which is delicious!) or, the other less famous establishments that offer a brunch menu.

When you visit please, ask someone who lives here where they like to eat most. Then actually go try out what they suggest. Your belly and our economy will thank you for it.

**Thanks Bill!**


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