Saturday, February 26, 2005

Shake a Tail Feather!

One of my favorite aspects of living in New Orleans is the wide range of nightlife choices. No matter what your style there is something to be found all over the city. Live music is our specialty and can be heard in several flavors ranging from traditional jazz to down and dirty southern rock. There is always a little something for every taste. Check the music listings for what you can go out and take advantage of seeing tonight.

For us, there are a few decisions to make in regards to exactly what kind of night action we're looking for. For starters, what part of town we want to be in. Uptown or French Quarter? Tonight I'm feeling Uptown. In fact, I'd like to get in a few cheap drinks at Ms. Maes after dinner. (It has been a really long week after all) I also want to make it to the Chris Cortez CD release party at Dos Jefes. Cigars, tunes and a laid back crowd. Sounds like just the ticket for shaking off the effects of a long week.

Now, where to eat dinner in between? I am really in the mood for some mediterranean fare. I'm thinking Byblos on Magazine Street. I just love the way a cold glass of Pale Moon Ale goes with the Drunken Haloumi! The polished wood,white topped tables and, the open kitchen set up makes a nice backdrop for the food. Our experience with staff has always been a pleasure. Weekend nights are pretty full but we have never had to wait more than a few minutes for a table. We'll stuff ourselves silly for not much cash and, provide ourselves with a nice foundation for the libations to come.

Remember to watch were you park and don't stiff on the tip. There's also rain on the forecast and crispy temps. So, grab your jacket and don't forget your umbrella!


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