Monday, March 07, 2005

Cleaning For Spring

The weather is changing fast and the time for spring cleaning has come. Windows must be thrown open while the dust of another southern winter is ushered out. Cotton replaces flannel on the beds and summer quilts begin to make their first apppearances. It is the season to make everything fresh in preperation for the hot lazy days ahead.

I like to get as much done now as possible before Jazz Fest comes and brings higher temperatures along. Once it gets hot and the oven goes into hibernation I don't want to scrub or dust a darn thing. I will spend between now and mid April pulling everything out and giving it the once over. Scrubbing away the ghosts of holiday dinners, head colds, school days and, carnival parades. Then I'll have room for the sundresses, birthday parties and, tadpoles soon to come.

With a big pot of Redbeans & Rice on the stove I'll grab another au' lait, my Crest - O - Mint cleaner and get to battling the dirt demons!


Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Hang on I noticed something. You said switch to cotton on your bed from flannel, wait let me check again hold on...
"Cotton replaces flannel on the beds and summer quilts begin to make their first apppearances. " Ok there it is, somebody must have a really low body temp. at night! lol. That's too funny, must get colder in NO than Lafayette, I just don't know, not that I am making fun or anything, but flannel?

10:03 PM  
Blogger Harmony St. Charles said...

LOL! Between drafty windows and the icy wind off the water it does get rather cold at night here. Winter is short though so, the flannel isn't on for very long but, I am a self admitted weather wimp. I have complete envy for those who not only enjoy snow but also seek it out. Amazing!

8:50 AM  

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