Saturday, March 12, 2005

Shamrocks & Snowballs

We're headed to a party this afternoon on Magazine Street to watch the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Parade. If the weather stays this nice it should be a fun day. I will chase beads with the kids and take pictures of the floats going by. Afterwards we can take a relaxing ride while the kids nap a bit.

Maybe I'll even break down and give into my yearning for a snowball. Usually, I hold out until April but, I passed by Tee Eva's yesterday and had a near-religous experience just thinking about super sweet watermelon flavored syrup poured generously over a tall mound of shaved ice. Those yummy concoctions served up by Ms. Tee Eva are what helped me survive being eight months pregnant in May, twice! My honey would pull the Jeep over and I'd waddle up to the little serving window with my belly a foot ahead of me. I don't think I would've made it through without snowballs.

Going to Ms. Tee Eva's is a New Orleans staple. While there are a lot of great snowball stands around town (many of which I frequent depending on what part of town I'm in when the urge for a "cold one" strikes), there's just something extra about walking up to the little brightly painted building. You can't miss the place, it is painted sunshine yellow with animated smiling faces on the outside eyeing frosty snowballs. The sweet smell of pralines mixed with the smell of spilled syrup greet you as you walk up to the tiny service window. The t.v. is usually playing the "stories" in the background. Service is dedicated but requires patience. While you wait the awning provides no useful protection from the sun that beats down upon the sidewalk and back up the soles of your shoes. The reward comes in the form of a large mound of ice doused in the flavor of your choice. By the time the first bite has slid down your throat and you feel the tingly buzz from the sugar all thoughts of discomfort fade. It's an inexpensive solution to surviving the sauna months.

FYI: Ms Tee Eva is also the sister in law of none other than the late, great, "Emporer of The World": Ernie K Doe.


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