Thursday, March 03, 2005

Soggy Sunshine

The sound of rain drops falling hard on the roof woke me this morning instead of my alarm clock. It was so grey outside that it seemed the sun was as reluctant to come out from behind the clouds as I was to emerge from under my blankets. Once my feet did hit the ground, however, I didn't stop moving for the rest of the day. It wasn't until almost three o' clock that I took a break. I was delighted to see that the sky had dried up and it was now warm outside. The perfect conditions for a nice ride though town.

I had a hankering for an iced late' so we stopped by CC's on Jefferson Ave. first for a round of drinks. The place was filled with students taking advantage of the free wi-fi. The whole street for that matter was positively buslting; shoppers were in and out of stores and outside tables were filled with al fresco diners. It looks as if the recent developments and rennovations to Magazine Street are making a good impact so far.

By the time we reached Poydras Street both of the kids were in nap land so we took the chance to drive through the French Quarter and on into the Bywater area for a spell. Decatur Street was lively with tourists, workers, hucksters, tap dancers and mule drawn carriages. Everyone was taking full advantage at this surprise peek of Spring.

The residents of Bywater were also out enjoying the climate change - sitting on stoop or porch while trading converstion back and forth. Others sat quietly reading in the fresh air while children played ball in the street. Their pre-summer faces contrasting with wrinkled school uniforms. I envy their anticipation and remember to myself fondly what it once was to think of Summer as vacation instead of just three hot months to bear until fall. I hope they know how short those days are and that they savor each one.


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