Sunday, August 21, 2005

Family Circus

Yesterday at the eldest's suggestion we took a family field trip of sorts to Lakeside Mall of all places. The whole thing started with her asking me if we even lived near any malls. It then hit me suddenly that she nor I have been to a mall since she was a toddler. The youngest hasn't even been at all. I've been shopping for most of consumer goods online since 1998 and the rest of my dollars are used locally and at the "big evil blue box" where we make groceries. But, being seven and a girly-girl the allure of what "the mall" stands for is probably irresistable to her. So ma and pa decided to suck it up and drive out to the suburban maze from which we once fled.

We lucked out and it wasn't too crowded and there were some child/youth oriented activites going on that both kiddos enjoyed. Neither of them (a small miracle) were in a "gimme-gimme" type mood so we were all able to just mainly stroll around and window shop together.

We did stop in a few spots such as the pet shop, Sharper Image , Create-A-Bear and so on. At Hot Topic the girls both asked for and got new notebooks with fairies on the covers. I found some stickers there that are based on work by an artist I know through journaling. It made me feel so good to see her work like that and I bought a green fairy one that reminds me of Chartruese. After our little buys we headed to fill the youngest's ice cream craving. We ended the day by trapsing through KB Toys and getting an idea of what they'll want from Santa. It was a good time for us went far toward getting them both wound down a little. Thankfully, they both passed out on the drive home.

For dinner we ordered in Chinese food and even after stuffing ourselves we still had plenty leftover to warm up for today's lunch. That has just lent itself to our current sate of laziness. Both my guy and I on the couch watching nerd t.v. and emailing wierd links back and forth to each other. The kids are trying to clean their room but I don't think the operation is solid. I'm about to go drill seargent in a moment though and make everyone get up and moving. We still have groceries to make for the week ahead and some school supplies to pick up. As much as I want to laze around here -time isn't going to slow down for me and it's just getting later. I'm afraid if I settle in much more we'll never get out of here. Especially with the sky becoming rain heavy by the moment. That is definitely not helping any of our motivation.



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