Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mid-Weekly Reader

Today is all about persuing my usual inspirational resources and checking out some new ones. For starters I've cracked open one of my favorite vintage Christmas idea books that dates back to the fifties and is filled will long forgotten decor styling and food recipes. It's titled, "The Complete Christmas Book". It is from the Franklin Watts company with some kooky illustrations by William Ronin. It's super white bread and more cheesy than the Cleavers but some of the design ideas are really fun. So far I've found one that I'm going to use for the front of a box purse and some ideas for decorative stockings. Definitely fun to spend time with when it's still so hot outside.

Then there's the matter of getting two little girls ready for Halloween time. I'm a semi-homemade kind of mom. They both get to decide (and coordinate) what they want to be and there is no changing of the mind what-so-ever after. Then I do my best to make it happen. Two years ago it was a cat and mouse, last year both were tigers and this year they've decided on buterflies. That works out pretty good for me. All I have to design and create are the wings and antenae. The rest we just buy in the dance clothes departent. (Bodysuit and tights, that sort of thing.) Like a lot of parents here - we put a lot into the whole Hallow's Eve costume because it also ends up being used for Mardi Gras the same year. So, it's got to last.

My reading at the moment also includes two recent book purchases. One is a coffee table book called, New Orleans: Then And Now and the other is Managing Ignatus. Both have given me some personal insight to a time and way of living well before mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had that book in my hands yesterday (New Orleans Then and Now) and ended up not buying it....hopefully the husband took the hint and it will find its way under the Christmas tree...its a really beautiful book...

7:39 AM  
Blogger Harmony St. Charles said...

Send him the link to it over at Amazon ;) After all the work you did to get everybody ready to visit NOLA and all the work that's waiting for you at home - you more than deserve it!

11:46 AM  

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